February 29, 2012


So, if you haven't noticed I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to my posting on my blog. (If you didn't, my mom noticed)

It's not that I've been incredibly busy, OK I have with life and all, but my schedule changed drastically in January, and finding time for this or the computer in general seems hard pressed.

The change has been a good one.  We started going to bed earlier, which means the whole brood is also up earlier (like 6:30 am everyday!!) Which means more time to snuggle my kiddos in the morning, and an earlier start to my day.  I also joined a nearby gym, and am working out 6x a week.  3 at home, 3 at the gym.  Which means that free time during the day, is now taken up with exercise.  I'm also back to my healthy eating, mostly vegetables and whole foods, and I feel fantastic.  

Daniel also started Lacrosse in January and practice 2-3x a week that is 15 minutes away, means a lot of time back and forth in the car.  So that free time seems to have disappeared, and with it my updating of the blog.

Good news is that I have some fun pics of Josh's Pinewood Derby from last night that I really want to share, (and a bunch of others!!) so I might end up staying up too late tonight, and being really tired tomorrow, but I promise soon you'll see some new posts from me..
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