November 30, 2010

Toy Bookshelves



When we first moved I was bound and determined to have some new toy storage, and to build it myself.  For years I have been ripping pages out of catalogs from Pottery Barn and Land of Nod, thinking to myself..I can do that.

And then a friend told me about Miss. Ana White, and my do-it-yourself world was forever changed.  I have now made four things from her website, which are all copycats of items from you guessed it, those places where I got the catalogs from.  My list is ever growing of things to build.  I always knew I could do it, just didn't have the plans.  Well, now I do.

So to solve my toy storage needs, I built the bankable bookcases.  You can buy them here, or you can build them yourself with these plans.

I used mdf, some beadbord for the back, and my jigsaw for the entire project.  Mommy needs a circular saw that isn't battery powered (maybe for Christmas?) I matched the color to our new couches downstairs, and am so pleased with how they turned out. 

My favorite part is the bottom area, where the boys can rifle through hundreds of legos (maybe thousands) and Natalie can easily play dress-up, and it's a quick clean-up.

The larger items (geo-trax and star wars) are in totes in the storage area under the stairwell, and all the games are hidden up high, so little pieces can't be lost.

I can't wait to start my next project...maybe this

(And to those of you wondering..I did this 100% by myself, so chickies, you can do it too!!)

November 27, 2010

O' Christmas Tree

This year we drove to North Bend, and found a cute family tree farm, where we searched for the perfect tree, and then cut it down, and hauled it away by ourselves.  We were so excited for the adventure, as up till now most of our Christmas tree picking came from the parking lot of a certain hardware store (orange or blue).

We first warmed ourselves by the fire, grabbed a saw, and set off to find the perfect tree.  We found a few that came close, but we hadn't quite found the "one".  After warming ourselves again by the fire, and sipping on some hot cider, we went off in a different direction.  This time we found a few too many that we liked, but finally found the one for us.

Daddy sawed it down, and the kiddos yelled "timber" as it fell to the ground.  What an amazing fun family experience to start the season!!


Tale of Two Turkeys


This was our very first Thanksgiving in thirteen years that we spent alone, just our little family of six.  One turkey was not enough for the six of us, oh no we had not one, but two turkeys!! Dave was determined to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving this year, even in the snowy backyard.  I also one in the oven as well, just as a back-up.

Stats:  20lb turkey in the oven = 3 hours
          15lb turkey in the fryer = 45 min.

The turkeys were both delicious, however the fried turkey had the moistest white meat I have ever eaten.  It was amazing.  Since I cooked one in the oven, we had plenty of drippings for fresh turkey gravy, and that combined with my sausage stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes, and lots more nummy things, and two turkeys, well, we have lots of leftovers.  I'm currently working on some homemade turkey noodle soup for tomorrow after chuch, with some homemade bread.

It was a relaxing day filled with kids playing, lots of eating, lots of football watching, and I think I even stayed in my jammies all day!!

November 24, 2010

Our First Snow

The view from our front window

Sunday morning I was woken by three very excited little boys, running to the window to check out the falling snow.  It was beautiful. Big large snowflakes falling from the sky.  We made it to church and back, and although it was still snowing, nothing was sticking, yet..

Monday morning we awoke to a much different scene.  Everything was covered in white.  It had only started hours before, so everything was still business as usual.  The bus picked the boys up, Dave left for work, and I got busy with my normal routine.  Then everything went wonky.  Caleb's afternoon Kindergarten had been cancelled due to snow (mostly because of bus transportation) Then, Dave came home around noon, so that I could help in Daniel's class, and he could eat away at some much needed vacation time. He was very thankful for his 4 wheel drive, as nothing had been plowed yet.  I helped in class, then got a much needed oil change, and decided to pick the boys up from school, rather than having them take the bus with the now changed "snow route".  It was a good thing I did, as only 2 buses were there, and we later received an email at 5:30 that the buses were still out and trying to deliver children.  By that evening we watched out our front window as drivers tried to make the slight incline up the hill.  Dave helped push a few, but many just abonded their cars and walked the rest of the way home.  It was like this all over town.  School was cancelled for Tuesday, and then again today.  Daddy played in the snow with the kiddos yesterday and we finsihed up with hot chocolate.

The roads are still really bad, as Seattle and Western Washington are very hilly.  The main roads and freeway are clear, but this isn't a regular occurence around here, so everything just shuts down.  We've been happy to stay in our jammies and play games and watch movies to ride out the days. 

The forecast shows more rain/snow for Thanksgiving Day, so our desire to "fry a turkey" this year may not come to fruition.  Thankfully we have a back-up plan, and will just cook it in the oven, and save that adventure for another day.

I may be a little crazy, but I'm loving the snow.  I don't have to go anywhere, so I can just play in it, and admire it.  The kids are loving it as well, and the fact that we are fully outfitted from our many visits to Utah really helps. I'm loving our new adventure in Washington, even if we weren't really expecting snow quite yet, or at all.

(Do you like the strategically palced snowflakes on the picture above? They're hiding my three trashcans that won't be picked up until next Tuesday because of the snow.  We tried to move them, but they are semi-frozen to the ground.  Yes, it's that cold here!! So they will sit out front for the next week, till that big 'ol trash truck empties them)

November 19, 2010

busy week

Dave left last Friday for a celebratory weekend in Vegas for the release of their product.  He spent the weekend at fancy dinners and clubs, and realized that he dislikes Vegas as much as I do :) I guess it's just no fun, if you don't drink or gamble, and are under the weather..

After the weekend he flew straight to New York to set up an appliance at the MTC (Micros0ft Tech Ctr) in Manhattan.  All these set-ups are vital to the success of the product, because potential customers can come and use them, and see if they will fit their potential business needs.  After three and half long days and nights, he was able to do some touristy things and enjoy the city.  I can't wait to see his pictures.

While Daddy was away we kept a pretty busy schedule.  Friday the kiddos had school, and then pizza/movie night at home.  Saturday, I started in on projects that I hadn't tackled since the move, namely our bedroom closet, where there were still boxes, half opened and constantly rifled through.  It is now a pretty place, that I enjoy walking into.  We finished up the day with college football, and homemade soup.

Sunday was insane.  We ended up being about ten minutes late for church, and as soon as we sat down Caleb loudly announced, "I don't want to be here, I want to go in the gym!" He gave me a dirty look for the next ten minutes, until he became preoccupied with the "church bag" and drawing.  Natalie wanted to eat the snacks we had brough for nursery, so he stuck out her bottom lip, and pouted, until again the stickers and colored pencils drew her attention.  We made it through, and I said the closing prayer, and surprisingly no one followed me to the pulpit.  I am now in the Primary Presidency, and finding ourselves without a chorister, I offered. I found myself in the hot seat yet again, when I didn't choose any of my own children to choose songs.  The older boys were OK with it, but that glare from Caleb,  followed by angry words, "you..didn'" then followed by tears.  He sat on my lap for the remainder of primary, and then Natalie was brough in having had an accident, awesome-ness! Evidently two other kids had had accidents, and she couldn't get to the bathroom.  When we drove out of the church parking lot, I gave a huge sigh of relief, we did it.  Home to jammies, naps, and football.

Monday - Thursday are a blur.  Filled with school, playdates, helping a friend build a bench, gymnastics, birthday parties, helping in class, scouts, primary duties, and last night I even took the kids swimming.

Today, Natalie and I are going to a cupcake play date, followed by a desperately needed oil change (I'm done to 5%, oops).  Then home to clean up this house, so we can relax with daddy this weekend, and all next week.  It may even snow this weekend.  If it does it would be a very light dusting, but we are still super excited to see any white stuff fall near our area of residence.

Enjoy your weekend, I most certainly will enjoy mine, cuddling with my hubby and kiddos.

November 12, 2010

Oreo Turkeys

When I opened up the newest post from Our Best Bites I smiled, because what is cuter than a turkey made of candy, and oreo cookies??

I can't wait to make these with Oreo Turkeys with the kiddos once I collect all the ingredients.  (Click on the link for detailed instructions)

November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010


I will never forget when we first moved here, one of Josh's first questions was, "Do they have Halloween in Washington?"

 I'm sure he had figured out that it rained in Washington, and never having a single rainy Halloween in his life, let alone a cold one, he was probably figuring it impossible to trick or treat in the rain.

 "Rain or Shine" is the motto in Washington, so yes Joshy there is a Halloween in Washington.

 We started Friday night with Trick or Treating at Daddy's work.  After three floors, there bellys were full of food, and their bags were full of candy.

 Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning, and then a Halloween Carnival at the church.  Instead of the usual trunk 'r treat, the kids visited decorated doors inside the church to get candy and treats.  After a huge pot luck dinner, and even more candy we were tired and ready for bed.

Sunday found us a little pooped.  After church, and a nap, we carved pumpkins and made a spooky dinner.  The kiddos were pretty done with Halloween and after realizing that our driveway was a little dark for trick o' treaters we closed up shop, turned off the lights, and headed downstairs for a family movie.

Halloween night the kiddos put out the remainder of the candy (the stuff that hadn't made it to their bellies) and the Great Pumpkin came and whisked it away, leaving a toy for each of them.

Halloween 2010 was a great success!!

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