November 24, 2010

Our First Snow

The view from our front window

Sunday morning I was woken by three very excited little boys, running to the window to check out the falling snow.  It was beautiful. Big large snowflakes falling from the sky.  We made it to church and back, and although it was still snowing, nothing was sticking, yet..

Monday morning we awoke to a much different scene.  Everything was covered in white.  It had only started hours before, so everything was still business as usual.  The bus picked the boys up, Dave left for work, and I got busy with my normal routine.  Then everything went wonky.  Caleb's afternoon Kindergarten had been cancelled due to snow (mostly because of bus transportation) Then, Dave came home around noon, so that I could help in Daniel's class, and he could eat away at some much needed vacation time. He was very thankful for his 4 wheel drive, as nothing had been plowed yet.  I helped in class, then got a much needed oil change, and decided to pick the boys up from school, rather than having them take the bus with the now changed "snow route".  It was a good thing I did, as only 2 buses were there, and we later received an email at 5:30 that the buses were still out and trying to deliver children.  By that evening we watched out our front window as drivers tried to make the slight incline up the hill.  Dave helped push a few, but many just abonded their cars and walked the rest of the way home.  It was like this all over town.  School was cancelled for Tuesday, and then again today.  Daddy played in the snow with the kiddos yesterday and we finsihed up with hot chocolate.

The roads are still really bad, as Seattle and Western Washington are very hilly.  The main roads and freeway are clear, but this isn't a regular occurence around here, so everything just shuts down.  We've been happy to stay in our jammies and play games and watch movies to ride out the days. 

The forecast shows more rain/snow for Thanksgiving Day, so our desire to "fry a turkey" this year may not come to fruition.  Thankfully we have a back-up plan, and will just cook it in the oven, and save that adventure for another day.

I may be a little crazy, but I'm loving the snow.  I don't have to go anywhere, so I can just play in it, and admire it.  The kids are loving it as well, and the fact that we are fully outfitted from our many visits to Utah really helps. I'm loving our new adventure in Washington, even if we weren't really expecting snow quite yet, or at all.

(Do you like the strategically palced snowflakes on the picture above? They're hiding my three trashcans that won't be picked up until next Tuesday because of the snow.  We tried to move them, but they are semi-frozen to the ground.  Yes, it's that cold here!! So they will sit out front for the next week, till that big 'ol trash truck empties them)

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  1. I love it all! It sounds like so much fun! Dare I say...I'm a little jealous?!


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