February 28, 2011

Winter Break

Last week the kiddos were out of school for Winter Break. This just happened to coincide with hubby's trip to Tokyo for work.  This meant I was on my own with the kiddos 24-7 for an entire week. 

We started off the week, mellow and slow with movies, popcorn, and general vegging.  We made playdough cookies, and they had so much fun putting their own personal twist on them. In fact we did a lot of baking this week, it was a fun cheap activity with a great reward after we were finished. 


We also ventured out and met with friends at a local bounce place to let them run/bounce off their energy, and then enjoyed some shopping and lunch afterwards. 

Then it snowed!! We watched it fall from our front window, and then geared up in snow clothes for some fun. (I'll post more pics tomorrow).


Towards the end of the week our mellowness returned, and the cold from outside made it perfect to enjoy hot chocolate and mallows.


I got to spend the entire week with my favorite four little people, my kiddos.  I sure do love them, and throughout the week they made me so proud with their random acts of kindness towards each other, I'm a very lucky girl!!

February 18, 2011

and the winner is..

the expanding sewing table..

I think this comment sums it up, and the voting agreed:

"You already built them desks for their computers...and shelves for their toys...and stools for their rears...it's time to build something for you. ;-)"

So, off I go to do some building (for me), promise to post pictures soon, and the desk is definitley next on my list..

February 15, 2011

What should I build next?

I haven't built anything in almost two weeks..sickness and a busy schedule can do that to a girl.  I'm trying to decide between two great pieces, which we both have a need for.  Can you help me decide which one to build first? You can vote at the bottom of the post..

I really, really need someplace for my sewing machine.  Someday, I will have an amazing sewing/craft room, where everything will have a place, but for now, I need something!! I keep overtaking the end of our kitchen table, with it's over 12 foot length, I do have the space, but it seems to attract clutter.

So I was thinking of making this, but with a cute door on front to keep little hands out...


Option 2
The boys have been wanting a homework desk of their own for some time.  It's a beautiful piece of furntiure, and how cute would this look painted red, and distressed?

Now I should mention I already have all the materials for both projects..just need to decide which one to start.

Can you help me decide?

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I have five special Valentine's..

My dear sweet husband, who is truly my best friend.  We have been Valentine's for almost 20 years!! We were high school sweethearts, and although we did spend a few Valentine's Days apart in those early years, you've always had my heart. After 13 years of marriage, you still make my heart skip a beat when I see you walk in the door.


My kiddos, who have the other half of my heart..
   My oldest, who impresses me daily with his sincere heart.
   My next oldest, who touches me with his happy heart.
   My youngest son, who honors me with his tender heart.
   My daughter, who makes my heart smile with her joyful heart.


February 11, 2011

Crayons again?

In preparation for Valentine's this year, I found four cute ideas for the boy's to do for their class valentine exchange. Only one included candy, but was super adorable, (and I hope to remember it when Natalie starts school someday).

Out of the four choices, they chose none.

They want to do
these again!! Directions can be found here..

We've made these three years in a row!! I'm kind of ready for something new, but they have so much fun making them, and they love having something different from everyone else.

Their excuse for making them again this year..

New school, new friends, new classmates.

I guess I can't fault them for that.

And if something works, why fix it?

February 10, 2011



At the beginning of the school year I signed Little Miss up for gymnastics, or "nastics" as she calls it. It's been fun to watch her progress, and also be her little impish self.

Her big favorites are the rope swing, and the bars. This is when she truly gets to act like a little monkey.


You can find her pretty much every day running around the house in some sort of leotard or swimsuit. Don't tell her it's 50 degrees outside, because as soon as the sun rises and it's "morning time". She changes out of her warm snuggly pajamas and surprises us with her bare little arms and legs dancing around in her chosen attire. (at least she has something on, right?)

I love her playful spirit, her happy deameanor, and independence, they all make me smile, and I also get to see a glimpse of myself in her.

February 9, 2011



It's official!! Dave has booked his travel, and in a few weeks he'll be leaving for Tokyo, Japan.

Yes, it's for work, but what an amazing experience. I'm really excited for him!!

February 8, 2011

Kitchen Stool


We have been needing a stool in the kitchen since we moved.  The cupboards are a little higher than our old ones, and I constantly have kiddos climbing on the counter just to get a cup. 

I keep thinking I need to run to Ike@ and just pick one up, but that's a 30 minute drive, and life keeps getting in the way of that happening.

Then I thought, why don't I just build one.  

I surveryed my favorite site, and found the Super Easy but a little tricky Ladder Table.  I didn't have any 1x3's, but with a few measurement changes I was able to substitute 1x4's that had been cut incorrectly and were just needing a new home (scrap wood). 

I built this baby before the kiddos got home (picture above of before and after paint), painted it a gleaming black, and by the next morning no more climbing on the counters (except for little miss that is just a monkey).

February 7, 2011

Rain or shine

Rain or Shine, is the motto here in Washington.  So Saturday morning after a week of school, work, and pretty much staying in, we were ready for some adventure.  Even though it was chilly and raining off we went. 

Our first stop was Olympia, the state's capitol.  There we visited the Cabella's store, and let the kiddos ooh and aah at all the animals, and the fishies in the aquarium.  We also got a chance to check out gear for some new hobbies we'd like to start here in the pacific northwest (fishing, canoeing, and hiking).

After we were finished there, and our tummies were full we headed to the coast. We visited the fun little town of Astoria, Oregon, and then made our way across the bridge (it's a really big one) to Long Beach, WA.  Once there we put daddy's 4 wheel drive to use, and drove onto the beach.  After a few donuts, and showing off his driving skills in the sand we found the perfect spot.  We dug a hole, made a fire, and the kiddos got busy to playing.  It was pitch black, but they were equipped with flashlights and came up with all sorts of fun games.  We also brought Bailey with us, and she was ecstatic to run wildly on the beach chasing the sparks from the fire, and the crazy kiddos.

After some yummy s'mores, we packed up the crew for our drive home.  The weather wasn't perefect, but it was a great family day, and rain or shine we made it fun!!
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