February 28, 2011

Winter Break

Last week the kiddos were out of school for Winter Break. This just happened to coincide with hubby's trip to Tokyo for work.  This meant I was on my own with the kiddos 24-7 for an entire week. 

We started off the week, mellow and slow with movies, popcorn, and general vegging.  We made playdough cookies, and they had so much fun putting their own personal twist on them. In fact we did a lot of baking this week, it was a fun cheap activity with a great reward after we were finished. 


We also ventured out and met with friends at a local bounce place to let them run/bounce off their energy, and then enjoyed some shopping and lunch afterwards. 

Then it snowed!! We watched it fall from our front window, and then geared up in snow clothes for some fun. (I'll post more pics tomorrow).


Towards the end of the week our mellowness returned, and the cold from outside made it perfect to enjoy hot chocolate and mallows.


I got to spend the entire week with my favorite four little people, my kiddos.  I sure do love them, and throughout the week they made me so proud with their random acts of kindness towards each other, I'm a very lucky girl!!

1 comment:

  1. this makes me miss you so much more! And I want a winter break!!!!!


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