March 2, 2011

February Snow

In the last few days of February we got a fun treat, as we were surrounded by pretty snowflakes falling from the sky, and covering the ground with white. 

Our last real snowfall was back in November and the kiddos have been antsy for more ever since.  It started snowing Wednesday morning, and we found ourselves cuddled on the couch in our front room staring out the window at the falling snow.  Later that afternoon the kiddos suited up in winter gear and played to the hearts content.  Even our dog Bailey got in on the fun.



The snow seemed to make everything more peaceful, and the nights were so quiet, and almost breathtaking.  I also loved how bright everything was covered in snow.  We got a few more snowfalls into Saturday evening, and then the rain came and started to wash away our winter treat.  The bonus of living in Seattle..all the fun of snow for a few days, and no need to shovel!!

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