March 26, 2011

Productive and Lazy

This last week flew by like a blurr.

Daniel celebrated his eleventh birthday on Tuesday, with presents and Red Robin with the family for dinner.  On that very same night we also had a Pack Meeting for scouts where Daniel earned his Arrow of Light.  I made a cute cupcake cake in the shape of the badge.

Wednesday and Thursday were full of errands, and mystery shops, and loads of laundry, lots of them.

Friday, was date night.  Our favoritest babysitter ever came over, bearing a present for Daniel, and Natalie even got a hug out of him within the first few minutes.  The kiddos (and Dave and I included) will be so sad to not have him as their "date night" playmate, as he leaves in a few weeks for his mission to Brazil. 

Dave and I tried Dim Sum for dinner, and it was so so good.  Loved the soup dumplings, spicy beans, and shrimp, and the egg tarts were delish as well.  I can't wait to try more!! My favorite part..we were so full, and dinner for the two of us was under thirty bucks.

Saturday morning we started out so productive clearing our driveway from the three million pine needles covering it, using a borrowed pressure washer.  Pine needles, too hard to sweep or rake..pressure washer = perfect for the job!! I did some weeding in the front, and after cleaning up outside and then ourselves we took a much needed break.

The Museum of Flight was our next destination.  The kiddos loved being inside Air Force 0ne (OK, it's the original one from the 60's) and my kiddos had no clue what the typewriter or rotary phone was..too funny. 

After our visit, and a few souvenirs we came home to finish our Saturday, in a perfectly lazy way..jammies, and movies.  (I think after church tomorrow my jammies will be begging for me yet again at three in the afternoon)

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