March 16, 2011

Science Project


As a fifth grade tradition, Daniel put together his first science project, and display board this year. 

His teacher spaced everything out, so that we weren't hit over the head with everything at once. We first came up with a lofty idea involving propellors and energy, but then came back to reality, and realized that may be more of a middle school project than elementary school project.

His question..Which starch will produce the most electricity (voltage)?

We used five different potato, sweet potato, yam, russet potato, and yukon gold potato.

We then used a piece of copper, a glavanized screw, and a voltage meter to read the voltage of each starch.  The winner..the Yukon Gold Potato.

Maybe next year we can go a step further and produce our very own potato clock..

Daniel was very proud of his work, and of his project.  We're pretty proud too!


  1. OK...that was me...but I'm sure Gavin will think it's cool too! :-)

  2. Nice work Daniel! It sounds like a good project. And very cool that you used the star wars font on the poster :)

  3. Love it.....Where or how did you make the letter??? Is there a certain font, did you use paint, sticky letters??

  4. i am working on a school project and i think this will help a lot, thx

  5. I would LOVE to know how you did the gold letters. My son just commented about how much Daniel's project will help him:-)


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