April 26, 2011

Tulip Festival

On our very first ferry ride when we moved here, there was a giant poster on of the walls that showed a beautiful tulip field in bloom.  Below it said "Skagit County Tulip Festival, WA".  I made sure to when we got home to look up when and where it was, and marked it on the calendar.  The festival runs from the entire month of April, and we picked the sunniest most beautiful day of the month to visit it.

We visited the famed Roozengaarde Garden & Fields.  There we found the 3 acre show garden full of over 250, 000 bulbs that they re-design each year.  It was full of the many different varities of tulips/tulip bulbs that they sell. 

They were beyond beautiful. 

After walking through and admiring the beauty, we headed towards the fields to let the kiddos run free.  There we saw endless fields of daffodils and tulips.

We made our way back to the gardens, snacked on kettle corn, took even more pictures, and finished up our visit with lunch.  It was a beautiful spring day admiring God's handiwork.


April 20, 2011


Last week I took my two littlest kiddos to the aquarium while the big boys were still in school.  I love downtown Seattle, it is so fun, and there is just so much to do. 

We pet starfish, played on the felt wall (do you like how natalie likes to line everything up, she did the orcas too!)

We looked at lots and lots of different kinds of fish.  We had fun in the orca exhibit, and the kiddos were to busy playing "ring around the orca fin" to let me take a picture. 

Natalie was most excited by the cute little otter, that she says gave her a big kiss through the glass., and Caleb liked the seals that barked.

After a fun few hours we walked farther down the waterfront and had a tasty lunch, and took home balloons as souvenirs.  It was a fun fun day with my Caleb and Natalie.


April 12, 2011


Towards the end of Spring Break for the kiddos, Daddy took the day off and we had another day of local fun!!

We woke up bright and early, and took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island (Daddy loves the ferries).  There we had breakfast at the Big Star Diner, a Triple D's favorite (Diners, Drive-In's and Dives). 


With full tummies we continued on our travels to the cute scandanavian town of Poulsbo.  We parked and walked around the pretty little town, and marveled at all of the fun architecture, and bright colors.


We had to stop at Sluy's Bakery for some tasty treats.  The kiddos had a tough time deciding what to get, and Dave and I opted for their famous upside down Cinnamon buns filled with cream cheese frosting.


The kiddos were getting antsy so we found a nearby park that led down to the water, where they could run and explore to their hearts content.  Then we packed up the crew, and boarded the ferry for our return trip home..


April 9, 2011


After a lazy day inside we packed up and headed to a nearby bounce place.  They had over ten different blow-up slides, obstacle cources, and jump houses packed inside.

The kiddos let loose, and played all sorts of games amidst the chaos.  It was so fun to watch Dave being a big kid himself.  By the time we we're ready to leave everyone had flushed cheeks, and we're completely worn out....job well done!!

And despite the look of some of the pictures, no one was injured or hurt.  Sorry for the blurry, grainy pics..it was dark inside, and they were moving so fast..


April 8, 2011

Coulon Beach Park

This year we kept our Spring Break sweet, simple, and local.

At the beginning of the week we visited Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park on the edges of Lake Washington. 

The kiddos had a great time on the huge play structure, while Daddy and Daniel took a walk over the water. 

We then played in the sand by the water, and Natalie was intent on building a sandcastle. 

We then went off to explore more.  With docks and restaurants, walking trails and boat launches, we only got thru a tiny portion of the 57 acres of the land and water of the park.  We can't wait to explore more, and even visit for swimming and enjoy the slides set up on the docks when the water and weather warms up.


April 7, 2011


I'm so excited that spring is finally begining to peek out her pretty little head.  

Our fruit trees in front are blooming with pretty pink flowers, and flower beds around the house are starting to bloom with all sorts of pretty flowers. 

My favorite though, are the daffodils blooming in my very own yard.  I've never lived anywhere where this was even possible, and it looks like I may even have tulips..yipee!!

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