February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day - sweet & simple

For Valentine's this years, we veered only slightly off our usual track.  We started off the day with simple treats...(balloons, and swedish fish for my valentines)

1 ..then packed up the kiddos and their valentine's for school.

This year Caleb did crayon lego mini-figs, and Josh did crayon hearts...Be My Valentine for "crayon" out loud :) and Josh created a minion valentine box for class.

Natalie and I made ladybug cookies in the shapes of hearts (little lovebugs), and she was so excited to share them with her friends.

2 After school we delved into their treasures, and enjoyed pocorn and a movie before daddy got home.

For dinner we had a sweet simple dinner of heart shaped pasta alfredo, and then trophy cupcakes for dessert.

I'm so blessed to have such sweet valentines!! SSP_9354

February 7, 2013

Instagram Update

Things have been busy busy around here lately (OK, so nothing new) and thought I'd do a quick update..instagram style.

We had snow in late January, enough to play in, and look pretty, but not enough to miss school.  We've been feasting on lots, and lots of soup.  This fully loaded baked potato soup is one of our faves, followed closely by black bean soup and homemade chicken noodle.  With the sun rising earlier we've enjoyed some amazing sunrises, that just start our day off with a smile.


We've decorated for Valentine's Day, which means lots of hearts everywhere, and a love themed chalkboard.  I made hug & kiss countdowns for everyone in our family.  Each day we get to untie a hug & kiss, leading up to the big day..Valentine's Day!! Natalie and I have had a playdate each week on Friday with a friend.  Last week we went to an indoor trampoline, and play place, and then feasted on pizza for lunch. 


Leading up to the playoffs Caleb made this awesome Seahawks hat in support of our home team. Even though they didn't make it, we happily enjoyed a day of football fun for the Superbowl at a friends home.  I made sundried tomato hummus (yum!) and these two yummy desserts, Peanut Butter Pretzel Dip, and Football Whoopie Pies.

My busy life would also not be complete without home projects.  I finished these ruffled curtains for downstairs, and started another project today..can you guess what it is? 1-2
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