December 26, 2010

Natalie's Doll Bed


So I am really loving building furniture.  While looking for something new to build I came across these plans from my new favoritest website.  Natalie was sitting on my lap as I was perusing through, and when she saw the plans she said, "Mommy you bid it (build it), I paint it, K!".  I was so elated that her first thought was for me to build it, rather than buy it from a store.  I was determined from then and there to build this little piece of furniture just for her.  

I had all the spare wood in order to build it, however as it came close to leaving for our trip I neglected to get it done, or even get the wood cut (which would have been especially helpful).  We arrived in our small town destination, and with a more relaxed pace, and all my Christmas shopping done,  I decided it was the perfect time to work on this little project. I went to the small hardware store in town and picked up the needed supplies.  They didn't have any 1x3's or 2x2's, so I would need to split the wood with a table saw, but I was determined.  With the help of my father-in-law's tools (namely, chop saw, table saw, and belt sander) I got all the pieces cut and ready to assemble.  It went together rather easily, and I was so excited as I saw the finished little bed.

After building, puttying and sanding it was ready for painting..


After a few coats of Vanilla Custard in Satin (isn't that the most divine paint color name) and some more sanding it was done.

During all of the sanding, and painting I wanted to make a quilt for the bed.  The local fabric shop just happened to have a few of the prints from the collection that I'm making Natalie's twin pinwheel quilt in.  So along with a few coordinating fabrics, I made a cute little quilt.  A mattress was definitely needed, along with some matching pillows.





I love the finished project, and my favoritest part... "mommy you build it.."

...and I did.

December 24, 2010

Joshua's Baptism

Josh turned eight on Saturday as we were visiting with friends after our first leg of our trip.  We celebrated with cake and singing, and sledding.  Then we arrived at Grandma & Grandpa's and celebrated with sweets, singing, and presents!!

Thursday afternoon while in Utah, Joshua was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  The entire family participated, both brothers gave prayers, and Grandma and I gave talks.  Grandpa and uncles witnessed it, while daddy baptized and confirmed him.  It was a very special day for Josh, and he is such a special part of our family.  We are so happy for you, and love you so very much!!


Happy Anniversary!!


Dave and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary on Monday, we celebrated with dinner at the Carriage House in Manti.  Thirteen years ago I married my best friend.  My heart still goes pitter pat when he smiles, or is super cute.  It's crazy to think that 20, yes twenty years ago we met in freshmen typing class, and I think my heart has belonged to him ever since.

Happy Anniversary Babe!!

Twin Falls


So, I'm a little behind on posting, but we have been enjoying family, and a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Last Friday we set off on our journey.  It was a beautiful travel day, and the sun was shining.  All of the areas of concern were not to be worried about due to the great weather.

We arrived at my friend Tamara's house late in the evening.  Her kids were up, and mine were ready to play.  Dave and I went to high school with Tamara, and haven't seen her in over 17 years. Ok, I did see her at her wedding, so for me it was only 14 years.  Tamara was an amazing friend in high school, she introduced me to the church, she took me to every stake dance, and activity.  She even drove me to early morning seminary for almost two years.  Her fiesty personality, and zest for life were so infectious.  OK, I loved this girl, and still do. 

We chatted with her and her hubby late into the night, and the kiddos didn't go to bed till after 2am I am told.  During the night it snowed, and we woke up to a winter wonderland.  After assembling all the snow clothes, and gear for 9 kiddos and 4 adults we made our way up the mountain for some sledding.  The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed some picture taking, and some tubing myself.


We had another great night full of laughs, stories, and fun, and we left the next morning to finish our trek to Utah for Christmas.

Thank you so much Tamara for opening your home to us, and for your kindness and generosity.  I hope you'll let us return the favor when you come to visit us in Seattle!! pretty please!!

December 15, 2010


When I got the e-mail looking for volunteers for the upcoming Children's Play for the kindergarten class I jumped on it.  In fact, I think I responded two seconds after I got it.  Mostly becasue I knew my little guy would be beaming to have me there.  He's so tender-hearted, so much like his oldest brother.  His daddy is really is best friend, and before school starts I have this little shadow following me around, helping wherever he can, just to be near me.  In fact he loves to help wherever he can, mostly so he can be around us.  It make my heart happy just to think of him.

After making arrangements for little miss, I arrived at the school, and was given my assignement, 4 little people were in my charge for the next few hours.  We boarded the bus and took our seats.  Caleb couldn't stop talking, stories that must have been bottled up forever, just came out, and he was so intent on sharing every detail with me, it was wonderful.


We arrived at the Seattle Children's Theatre around noon, and got inside just before the downpour it.  We lined up as a class, and then were taken inside and shown our seats for the show.  It was a beautiful theatre, with not a bad seat in the house.  The show, was Lyle the Crocodile.  The small orchestra played beautiful music, and there was singing and dancing.  So much fun.  After the show, some of the cast came out and took questions from the audience.  They talked about how some of the effects were done, and some of the morals from the story.  It was a great experience.

My favorite part, spending time with my little buddy, and that he loved having me there!!

December 11, 2010

Christmas Concert


As most of you know, all of my boys started a new school this year, in a new state.  They have acclimated so well.  They are all thriving and growing, and are such great boys (Natalie's pretty cool too, but no school for her yet).  At the beginning of the year Daniel brought home numerous sheets of paper with new information, one of them was to join the singing group, which is only open to 4th and 5th graders. 

He wanted to join. 

We were ecstatic (but totally hid that, because then he might not think it was cool). 

Once a week he has to arrive an hour early to school to practice.  So instead of taking the bus, daddy drives him to school, and he has to get up earlier. 

This last Thursday night, they had their first performance.  Daniel had nerves, and jitters, and was a little afraid of forgetting the choreography for their big finale number.  We encouraged him, and took our seats.  It was nice, and short, only 8 songs, lasting about 30 minutes.  Perfect if you have three antsy kids in tow to watch.

Daniel did great!! He smiled a few times, and did all the choreography just perfect for the big number "Hot Chocolate" (similar to the song from the North Pole)

The next day they had assemblies at school, and both Josh & Caleb though it was so cool that their big brother was up there singing, we think it's pretty cool too, and we're very proud!!

December 7, 2010

Outside Play & Holly

This last weekend, my honey was feeling super ambitious.  The snow had melted, the rain was gone, and besides some chilly temps, he was motivated to attack some projects.  Since moving we have had a nice pile of outdoor play equipment hidden in the backyard.  While I worked on projects inside, he surprised even himself, and put together both the trampoline, and the play structure, mostly by himself. 

IMG_4830 -1

IMG_4820 - 1

IMG_4822 - 1 IMG_4823 -1

I love how the play structure is hidden in an area that enters into the woods, and that both are visible from the back porch. 


While taking pictures of his proud accomplishments, I noticed a holly tree behind it, in fact we have many others scattered around the property.  So fun, to have our own holly blooming in our yard.

December 1, 2010

Mommy Daughter date at Ruby's


Yesterday, I took a much needed break from cleaning, and laundry, and spent some special time with my litte girl.
We had a few hours just to ourselves, no grocery shopping, no errands to run, just me and her.

We ate lunch at Ruby's Diner, and I was completely mesmerized as she scarfed down her strawberry shake. That girl loves her strawberries!!

After lunch, we walked around the outdoor mall, and she jumped in puddles, while I window-shopped. Looking down from the balcony we could see that Santa was seeing visitors, and she jumped at the chance to see him. It was just us, a few elves, and Santa. Natalie became this coy little bashful flirt, that I couldn't help but smile. We ended up whispering our name into his ear, and then giving him a high five. She had no interest in sitting on his lap, but sheepishly waved goodbye, and even got a candy cane for her efforts.

We still had a little time, and Natalie found a kids store with lots of "petty clothes fo me". We looked at all the pretty things, and then she declared she was tired, and laid her head down on my shoulder.

A perfect end to our litte date.

She was an absolute delight, and so much fun to be with, I can't wait till our next one...

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