December 11, 2010

Christmas Concert


As most of you know, all of my boys started a new school this year, in a new state.  They have acclimated so well.  They are all thriving and growing, and are such great boys (Natalie's pretty cool too, but no school for her yet).  At the beginning of the year Daniel brought home numerous sheets of paper with new information, one of them was to join the singing group, which is only open to 4th and 5th graders. 

He wanted to join. 

We were ecstatic (but totally hid that, because then he might not think it was cool). 

Once a week he has to arrive an hour early to school to practice.  So instead of taking the bus, daddy drives him to school, and he has to get up earlier. 

This last Thursday night, they had their first performance.  Daniel had nerves, and jitters, and was a little afraid of forgetting the choreography for their big finale number.  We encouraged him, and took our seats.  It was nice, and short, only 8 songs, lasting about 30 minutes.  Perfect if you have three antsy kids in tow to watch.

Daniel did great!! He smiled a few times, and did all the choreography just perfect for the big number "Hot Chocolate" (similar to the song from the North Pole)

The next day they had assemblies at school, and both Josh & Caleb though it was so cool that their big brother was up there singing, we think it's pretty cool too, and we're very proud!!

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