December 24, 2010

Twin Falls


So, I'm a little behind on posting, but we have been enjoying family, and a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Last Friday we set off on our journey.  It was a beautiful travel day, and the sun was shining.  All of the areas of concern were not to be worried about due to the great weather.

We arrived at my friend Tamara's house late in the evening.  Her kids were up, and mine were ready to play.  Dave and I went to high school with Tamara, and haven't seen her in over 17 years. Ok, I did see her at her wedding, so for me it was only 14 years.  Tamara was an amazing friend in high school, she introduced me to the church, she took me to every stake dance, and activity.  She even drove me to early morning seminary for almost two years.  Her fiesty personality, and zest for life were so infectious.  OK, I loved this girl, and still do. 

We chatted with her and her hubby late into the night, and the kiddos didn't go to bed till after 2am I am told.  During the night it snowed, and we woke up to a winter wonderland.  After assembling all the snow clothes, and gear for 9 kiddos and 4 adults we made our way up the mountain for some sledding.  The kids had a blast, and I enjoyed some picture taking, and some tubing myself.


We had another great night full of laughs, stories, and fun, and we left the next morning to finish our trek to Utah for Christmas.

Thank you so much Tamara for opening your home to us, and for your kindness and generosity.  I hope you'll let us return the favor when you come to visit us in Seattle!! pretty please!!

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