December 1, 2010

Mommy Daughter date at Ruby's


Yesterday, I took a much needed break from cleaning, and laundry, and spent some special time with my litte girl.
We had a few hours just to ourselves, no grocery shopping, no errands to run, just me and her.

We ate lunch at Ruby's Diner, and I was completely mesmerized as she scarfed down her strawberry shake. That girl loves her strawberries!!

After lunch, we walked around the outdoor mall, and she jumped in puddles, while I window-shopped. Looking down from the balcony we could see that Santa was seeing visitors, and she jumped at the chance to see him. It was just us, a few elves, and Santa. Natalie became this coy little bashful flirt, that I couldn't help but smile. We ended up whispering our name into his ear, and then giving him a high five. She had no interest in sitting on his lap, but sheepishly waved goodbye, and even got a candy cane for her efforts.

We still had a little time, and Natalie found a kids store with lots of "petty clothes fo me". We looked at all the pretty things, and then she declared she was tired, and laid her head down on my shoulder.

A perfect end to our litte date.

She was an absolute delight, and so much fun to be with, I can't wait till our next one...


  1. Brody and I had the same kind of day!!! That's so funny! Except, he hid when we saw Santa. He had no desire to go near that guy. But we had a fun little date at the mall and I will treasure it!

  2. good job soakin' that up! you just never know when those perfect times are gonna be here and then when they have is truely pricless. She is so darling.


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