December 15, 2010


When I got the e-mail looking for volunteers for the upcoming Children's Play for the kindergarten class I jumped on it.  In fact, I think I responded two seconds after I got it.  Mostly becasue I knew my little guy would be beaming to have me there.  He's so tender-hearted, so much like his oldest brother.  His daddy is really is best friend, and before school starts I have this little shadow following me around, helping wherever he can, just to be near me.  In fact he loves to help wherever he can, mostly so he can be around us.  It make my heart happy just to think of him.

After making arrangements for little miss, I arrived at the school, and was given my assignement, 4 little people were in my charge for the next few hours.  We boarded the bus and took our seats.  Caleb couldn't stop talking, stories that must have been bottled up forever, just came out, and he was so intent on sharing every detail with me, it was wonderful.


We arrived at the Seattle Children's Theatre around noon, and got inside just before the downpour it.  We lined up as a class, and then were taken inside and shown our seats for the show.  It was a beautiful theatre, with not a bad seat in the house.  The show, was Lyle the Crocodile.  The small orchestra played beautiful music, and there was singing and dancing.  So much fun.  After the show, some of the cast came out and took questions from the audience.  They talked about how some of the effects were done, and some of the morals from the story.  It was a great experience.

My favorite part, spending time with my little buddy, and that he loved having me there!!


  1. Caleb is so sweet! That's great you were able to go on the field trip with him - he must have felt so special to have you along! We love those Lyle the Crocodile books - a play about Lyle sounds fun!


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