December 26, 2010

Natalie's Doll Bed


So I am really loving building furniture.  While looking for something new to build I came across these plans from my new favoritest website.  Natalie was sitting on my lap as I was perusing through, and when she saw the plans she said, "Mommy you bid it (build it), I paint it, K!".  I was so elated that her first thought was for me to build it, rather than buy it from a store.  I was determined from then and there to build this little piece of furniture just for her.  

I had all the spare wood in order to build it, however as it came close to leaving for our trip I neglected to get it done, or even get the wood cut (which would have been especially helpful).  We arrived in our small town destination, and with a more relaxed pace, and all my Christmas shopping done,  I decided it was the perfect time to work on this little project. I went to the small hardware store in town and picked up the needed supplies.  They didn't have any 1x3's or 2x2's, so I would need to split the wood with a table saw, but I was determined.  With the help of my father-in-law's tools (namely, chop saw, table saw, and belt sander) I got all the pieces cut and ready to assemble.  It went together rather easily, and I was so excited as I saw the finished little bed.

After building, puttying and sanding it was ready for painting..


After a few coats of Vanilla Custard in Satin (isn't that the most divine paint color name) and some more sanding it was done.

During all of the sanding, and painting I wanted to make a quilt for the bed.  The local fabric shop just happened to have a few of the prints from the collection that I'm making Natalie's twin pinwheel quilt in.  So along with a few coordinating fabrics, I made a cute little quilt.  A mattress was definitely needed, along with some matching pillows.





I love the finished project, and my favoritest part... "mommy you build it.."

...and I did.


  1. You are the mom I wished I had growing up! Not that my mom isn't awesome, but she never made me doll beds!

  2. rock!! I wish I had so much ambition! Your works of art are so cute. I would buy should sell more like them =))

  3. so stinkin cute tash! and btw you have me completely addicted to that site now, with a LOOOONG "to do" list!

  4. What a FANTASTIC little bed! I am in awe of your beautiful workmanship, it is just gorgeous - any little girl would be beaming to receive that. Wel done. The bedding is super cute too. Love the colours!


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