January 1, 2011

Christmas Morning

As we put the boys to bed Christmas Eve, we said that they had to stay in bed till 7am.  Normally they are up at the crack of dawn looking down at a sea of presents, in need of opening.  This year they found themselves downstairs in the basement, with no view of the tree or said presents. 

At 7am Daniel came into our room to wake me up.  The little ones were still asleep in our room, so I sent him away for another 15 minutes of sleep.  At exactly 7:15 Daniel re-entered our room, more awake, and putting him off again was not an option.  Caleb awoke from the comotion, but Natalie was enjoying her beauty sleep too much to wake for such an occasion. 

The deal in our family is that we all go out to look at the presents together, and then of course all chaos ensues.
josh trying to wake little miss

Whispering in her ear about the presents and toys that Santa had brought her, finally woke her from her slumber.  Then we all ascended up the stairs to see what treats the big man had brought us.

IMG_5048 IMG_5050

First we opened Santa presents, and stockings, then it was kind of free for all on presents from every one else. 

josh hugging one of his many lizards he received

Natalie found herself in lots of pink (pink dolls, pink outfits, pink princess dress, pink books about princesses)
natalie reading to her new pink princess doll from her princess book, in her pink princess dress

and the boys were deep in halo mega blocks, and nerf guns.



It was a wonderful Christmas, and we feel so blessed with all we have, most importantly the celebration of the birth of our Savior and of course our four amazing kiddos that continue to teach and bless us everyday!!

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