January 10, 2011

Ladder Shelf


See this box?

It's been sitting here for the last four months (yes we've been in Seattle for 4 months already!!)  It's been sitting here, because our master bathroom has absolutely no storage, a pedestal sink (which surprisingly doesn't hold much), and a huge jacuzzi tub that takes up 3/4 of this small space.

When Ana listed these plans, I knew this would work perfectly in the space I had.  I played with the plans a little, and altered them to fit the space (23").  I used a 20" board for the base of the shelves.  Mostly because I had it, and the rest of the wood already.  It went together rather quickly, in less than an hour!!


I used my pocket jig to make the shelves, and they went together so quickly, and nice and squared.  The paint came from another project that's not quite finished yet (promise a reveal soon!!).  And I did some sanding to the edges to make it a little more me.

I love having a place to put everything!!


  1. That is a great solution! And so cute too! Nice job Tasha!

  2. good job. is that a toilet next to it? I need a more wide angle view of this thing.

  3. Wow! Is that the Master? Just what you needed!!! Good Job Girlfriend!

  4. Love it! And the color is awesome.

  5. your ladder shelf looks fantastic! thanks for posting and linking to the plans.


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