November 30, 2010

Toy Bookshelves



When we first moved I was bound and determined to have some new toy storage, and to build it myself.  For years I have been ripping pages out of catalogs from Pottery Barn and Land of Nod, thinking to myself..I can do that.

And then a friend told me about Miss. Ana White, and my do-it-yourself world was forever changed.  I have now made four things from her website, which are all copycats of items from you guessed it, those places where I got the catalogs from.  My list is ever growing of things to build.  I always knew I could do it, just didn't have the plans.  Well, now I do.

So to solve my toy storage needs, I built the bankable bookcases.  You can buy them here, or you can build them yourself with these plans.

I used mdf, some beadbord for the back, and my jigsaw for the entire project.  Mommy needs a circular saw that isn't battery powered (maybe for Christmas?) I matched the color to our new couches downstairs, and am so pleased with how they turned out. 

My favorite part is the bottom area, where the boys can rifle through hundreds of legos (maybe thousands) and Natalie can easily play dress-up, and it's a quick clean-up.

The larger items (geo-trax and star wars) are in totes in the storage area under the stairwell, and all the games are hidden up high, so little pieces can't be lost.

I can't wait to start my next project...maybe this

(And to those of you wondering..I did this 100% by myself, so chickies, you can do it too!!)


  1. You are amazing, Tasha! I agree, Santa should bring you a new circular saw.

  2. oh my! why did you leave me?? hahaha.... such a great job on those toy shelves.

    way to go. :)

  3. They look fantastic!!!!

    Did you see some of the sales on Black Friday? Maybe Santa will bring you some nice toys. *Grin*


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