November 27, 2010

Tale of Two Turkeys


This was our very first Thanksgiving in thirteen years that we spent alone, just our little family of six.  One turkey was not enough for the six of us, oh no we had not one, but two turkeys!! Dave was determined to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving this year, even in the snowy backyard.  I also one in the oven as well, just as a back-up.

Stats:  20lb turkey in the oven = 3 hours
          15lb turkey in the fryer = 45 min.

The turkeys were both delicious, however the fried turkey had the moistest white meat I have ever eaten.  It was amazing.  Since I cooked one in the oven, we had plenty of drippings for fresh turkey gravy, and that combined with my sausage stuffing, rolls, mashed potatoes, and lots more nummy things, and two turkeys, well, we have lots of leftovers.  I'm currently working on some homemade turkey noodle soup for tomorrow after chuch, with some homemade bread.

It was a relaxing day filled with kids playing, lots of eating, lots of football watching, and I think I even stayed in my jammies all day!!


  1. Yummy:) You and I have the same have great taste:)


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