November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010


I will never forget when we first moved here, one of Josh's first questions was, "Do they have Halloween in Washington?"

 I'm sure he had figured out that it rained in Washington, and never having a single rainy Halloween in his life, let alone a cold one, he was probably figuring it impossible to trick or treat in the rain.

 "Rain or Shine" is the motto in Washington, so yes Joshy there is a Halloween in Washington.

 We started Friday night with Trick or Treating at Daddy's work.  After three floors, there bellys were full of food, and their bags were full of candy.

 Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning, and then a Halloween Carnival at the church.  Instead of the usual trunk 'r treat, the kids visited decorated doors inside the church to get candy and treats.  After a huge pot luck dinner, and even more candy we were tired and ready for bed.

Sunday found us a little pooped.  After church, and a nap, we carved pumpkins and made a spooky dinner.  The kiddos were pretty done with Halloween and after realizing that our driveway was a little dark for trick o' treaters we closed up shop, turned off the lights, and headed downstairs for a family movie.

Halloween night the kiddos put out the remainder of the candy (the stuff that hadn't made it to their bellies) and the Great Pumpkin came and whisked it away, leaving a toy for each of them.

Halloween 2010 was a great success!!

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