November 19, 2010

busy week

Dave left last Friday for a celebratory weekend in Vegas for the release of their product.  He spent the weekend at fancy dinners and clubs, and realized that he dislikes Vegas as much as I do :) I guess it's just no fun, if you don't drink or gamble, and are under the weather..

After the weekend he flew straight to New York to set up an appliance at the MTC (Micros0ft Tech Ctr) in Manhattan.  All these set-ups are vital to the success of the product, because potential customers can come and use them, and see if they will fit their potential business needs.  After three and half long days and nights, he was able to do some touristy things and enjoy the city.  I can't wait to see his pictures.

While Daddy was away we kept a pretty busy schedule.  Friday the kiddos had school, and then pizza/movie night at home.  Saturday, I started in on projects that I hadn't tackled since the move, namely our bedroom closet, where there were still boxes, half opened and constantly rifled through.  It is now a pretty place, that I enjoy walking into.  We finished up the day with college football, and homemade soup.

Sunday was insane.  We ended up being about ten minutes late for church, and as soon as we sat down Caleb loudly announced, "I don't want to be here, I want to go in the gym!" He gave me a dirty look for the next ten minutes, until he became preoccupied with the "church bag" and drawing.  Natalie wanted to eat the snacks we had brough for nursery, so he stuck out her bottom lip, and pouted, until again the stickers and colored pencils drew her attention.  We made it through, and I said the closing prayer, and surprisingly no one followed me to the pulpit.  I am now in the Primary Presidency, and finding ourselves without a chorister, I offered. I found myself in the hot seat yet again, when I didn't choose any of my own children to choose songs.  The older boys were OK with it, but that glare from Caleb,  followed by angry words, "you..didn'" then followed by tears.  He sat on my lap for the remainder of primary, and then Natalie was brough in having had an accident, awesome-ness! Evidently two other kids had had accidents, and she couldn't get to the bathroom.  When we drove out of the church parking lot, I gave a huge sigh of relief, we did it.  Home to jammies, naps, and football.

Monday - Thursday are a blur.  Filled with school, playdates, helping a friend build a bench, gymnastics, birthday parties, helping in class, scouts, primary duties, and last night I even took the kids swimming.

Today, Natalie and I are going to a cupcake play date, followed by a desperately needed oil change (I'm done to 5%, oops).  Then home to clean up this house, so we can relax with daddy this weekend, and all next week.  It may even snow this weekend.  If it does it would be a very light dusting, but we are still super excited to see any white stuff fall near our area of residence.

Enjoy your weekend, I most certainly will enjoy mine, cuddling with my hubby and kiddos.

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