February 15, 2011

What should I build next?

I haven't built anything in almost two weeks..sickness and a busy schedule can do that to a girl.  I'm trying to decide between two great pieces, which we both have a need for.  Can you help me decide which one to build first? You can vote at the bottom of the post..

I really, really need someplace for my sewing machine.  Someday, I will have an amazing sewing/craft room, where everything will have a place, but for now, I need something!! I keep overtaking the end of our kitchen table, with it's over 12 foot length, I do have the space, but it seems to attract clutter.

So I was thinking of making this, but with a cute door on front to keep little hands out...


Option 2
The boys have been wanting a homework desk of their own for some time.  It's a beautiful piece of furntiure, and how cute would this look painted red, and distressed?

Now I should mention I already have all the materials for both projects..just need to decide which one to start.

Can you help me decide?

1 comment:

  1. You already built them desks for their computers...and shelves for their toys...and stools for their rears...it's time to build something for you. ;-)


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