February 8, 2011

Kitchen Stool


We have been needing a stool in the kitchen since we moved.  The cupboards are a little higher than our old ones, and I constantly have kiddos climbing on the counter just to get a cup. 

I keep thinking I need to run to Ike@ and just pick one up, but that's a 30 minute drive, and life keeps getting in the way of that happening.

Then I thought, why don't I just build one.  

I surveryed my favorite site, and found the Super Easy but a little tricky Ladder Table.  I didn't have any 1x3's, but with a few measurement changes I was able to substitute 1x4's that had been cut incorrectly and were just needing a new home (scrap wood). 

I built this baby before the kiddos got home (picture above of before and after paint), painted it a gleaming black, and by the next morning no more climbing on the counters (except for little miss that is just a monkey).

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