February 7, 2011

Rain or shine

Rain or Shine, is the motto here in Washington.  So Saturday morning after a week of school, work, and pretty much staying in, we were ready for some adventure.  Even though it was chilly and raining off we went. 

Our first stop was Olympia, the state's capitol.  There we visited the Cabella's store, and let the kiddos ooh and aah at all the animals, and the fishies in the aquarium.  We also got a chance to check out gear for some new hobbies we'd like to start here in the pacific northwest (fishing, canoeing, and hiking).

After we were finished there, and our tummies were full we headed to the coast. We visited the fun little town of Astoria, Oregon, and then made our way across the bridge (it's a really big one) to Long Beach, WA.  Once there we put daddy's 4 wheel drive to use, and drove onto the beach.  After a few donuts, and showing off his driving skills in the sand we found the perfect spot.  We dug a hole, made a fire, and the kiddos got busy to playing.  It was pitch black, but they were equipped with flashlights and came up with all sorts of fun games.  We also brought Bailey with us, and she was ecstatic to run wildly on the beach chasing the sparks from the fire, and the crazy kiddos.

After some yummy s'mores, we packed up the crew for our drive home.  The weather wasn't perefect, but it was a great family day, and rain or shine we made it fun!!


  1. I want to be adopted! Sound like such a fun weekend!

  2. oh nice day! days together as a family are awesome, no matter what the weather is like. washington seems to suit you guys!

  3. You guys are turning into true Washingtonians. Fun day!

  4. Washington sounds like such a great place! What a fun weekend!


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