February 10, 2011



At the beginning of the school year I signed Little Miss up for gymnastics, or "nastics" as she calls it. It's been fun to watch her progress, and also be her little impish self.

Her big favorites are the rope swing, and the bars. This is when she truly gets to act like a little monkey.


You can find her pretty much every day running around the house in some sort of leotard or swimsuit. Don't tell her it's 50 degrees outside, because as soon as the sun rises and it's "morning time". She changes out of her warm snuggly pajamas and surprises us with her bare little arms and legs dancing around in her chosen attire. (at least she has something on, right?)

I love her playful spirit, her happy deameanor, and independence, they all make me smile, and I also get to see a glimpse of myself in her.


  1. Cute, You know Dani was always wearing her swimsuit or leotards when she was little. Now it is a tank top and her spanks that a friend gave her. She complains of being cold and we always tell her to PUT SOME CLOTHES on. I guess they never grow out of it:)

  2. In pics. It clearly reflects what your blog wants to convey.Tani is a cutipie for me.


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