December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving in Utah

We travelled to Utah this year for Thanksgiving, to spend time with Dave's parents and siblings. 

We were so lucky to have 18 of the 27 cousins in attendance, and all but one of Dave's brothers (and family) were there.
(We missed you so much Joe & Val!!)

The kiddos spent their days playing with cousins inside (toys, pretend play, and xbox) and outside (on the little jeep, bouncing on the trampoline, or playing at the nearby park).  There was always someone to play with, and something new to do.


For Thanskgiving we had a gigantic delicious feast, and I had so much fun taking pics of the kiddos and cousins digging in.


We headed up north one day to visit Dave's best friend Casey and family, and it was so great seeing and hanging out with them. What a great family they are!!

We finished up our vacation with a drive up to Ephraim canyon so the kiddos could go sledding, and the big boys could take turns taking the 4 wheelers through the mountains covered with snow.


We had such a wonderful week in Utah, and are so grateful for family, and the opportunity to reconnect with everyone.

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