January 17, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park resort, and we are lucky enough to have one located only an hour and half away.  The kiddos have been dying to go here ever since we moved up to Washington, and on Black Friday I nabbed a groupon for it at a huge discount. 

We stayed in their largest suite, the Grizzly Bear Suite which had separate rooms for the kiddos and us, separate bathrooms, and a fireplace, and dining area.  The stay at the lodge includes access to their 84 degree waterpark the day you check in, and all day of your check-out day. 

After getting settled in our room, we headed to the water park for the next four hours.  The have a huge wave pool, a pool with basketball hoops, two kiddie areas for little ones like Natalie, two smaller open slides, and four giant tube slides that required intertubes, one being a giant tornado shaped one.  Because it was all indoor I felt so safe letting the boys take off for the big tube rides.  They went on them over and over again.  Even though all the rides were great, I think all the kiddos loved the wave pool the best, which had both regular "beach waves" as they called them, and "crazy waves" which went all over the place. (crazy waves were their fave) 

Afterwards we went back to our room, and feasted on the pizza package (part of our groupon deal).  With full tummies we headed out in search of the arcade.  We played games, collected tickets, and everyone got a fun prize.  We picked up some yummy dessert at the Bear Paw Sweets & Eats, and watched the snow fall in the lobby, as we listened to part of story time.  We then headed back to our room to watch movies together.

The next day we arrived at the waterpark bright and early.  We played for hours and hours, and hours until we were completely waterlogged.  Even though we could stay until 9pm, we were done by late afternoon, and ready to pack up and head home. 

What a fun, fun place to go.  A place designed entirely around families and kids. It was great fun, and the kiddos are already looking forward to their next visit.





  1. love all of these updates. good to see your face again. :)

  2. so much fun! we went there last year and loved it


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