August 25, 2012

Scout Day Camp 2012

Josh atteded Cub Scout Day Camp this past week at Silver Lake.  I was a den leader two of the four days, and my whole crew of kiddos joined in on the fun.  Natalie and Caleb attended Tag-Along camp, and Daniel was a Youth Helper for our den.  We needed the help as we had fifteen boys in our den!! 

Each day our schedule was filled with fun activities.  In Cooking they made dessert bananas, apple crisp, baked cones, and eggs and toast.  Can you guess which one wasn't a huge hit? They did archery each day which the boys seemed to really enjoy.  In Wood, they made periscopes, and piggy banks.  In Leather, they made nametags.  They also did fishing, knot tying, first aid, citizenship, crafts, and sports. 

I think Josh's favorite part was having his friend/neighbor Luke in his den.  They were great buddies, and had a great time together.  They were also the best behaved in the den!!  (Boy was I wiped out after two long days) I think he also really liked having Daniel help, and hang out with them.  Scout camp was a lot of fun, and I'm so glad Josh was able to go this year!!


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