September 7, 2012

Summer in Instagram

So thought I would post some of my Instagram pics for family & friends that aren't using it (but really should!!) I've excluded pics from our 2 week vacay beach camping & bear lake, because those are coming soon in another post!!  So here ya go!!

4th of july fun!!

IMG_20120704_192537  IMG_20120705_084817

splash park


farmers market goodies

IMG_20120817_195410 IMG_20120817_195212

blue angels at seafair & hanging around


juanita beach

IMG_20120806_195808 IMG_20120806_152333 IMG_20120829_151453IMG_20120823_151149

long beach for labor day weekend

IMG_20120831_143835 IMG_20120901_134201
IMG_20120901_141307 IMG_20120901_150454IMG_20120901_153208IMG_20120903_164212

jetty island for labor day

IMG_20120903_163330 IMG_20120903_164039

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