January 21, 2013

Printers Triple Console Cabinet

So a few months ago, I received the following message from a friend..

"Ok, I'm just curious, but would you possibly be interested in doing a comissioned piece of furniture??"

My response.."I would love to"

And so it began, we traded numerous messages back and forth, made changes to a plan she had fallen in love with.  We changed the height, took the drawers out and made larger doors, put in shelves, and changed the stain color.

And yesterday, my amazing husband helped me load it into the truck, and we delivered it.  She said it was beautiful, and her kiddos started filling it with board games, and puzzles. I was so happy to see instantly put to use!!

1-2 The inspiration for this piece came from this Sideboard available from Restoration Hardware, in case you happen to have $1595 +tax and delivery lying around. 1-3

(and a huge thank you to my amazing husband that helped me work out a few kinks with those darn doors!! Love ya babe!!)

The plans can be found at Ana-White
The stain color: was Miwax River Stone
I used PureBond Plywood, and Pine Wood to complete the build.
The pulls can be found here.
I changed the dimensions to fit her area from 36"high to 33" high. (Entire measurements are 33"high x 72"long x 17.5"deep)
I took out the drawers, and made the doors 28" high, and the face frames changed from 34.5" to 31.5".
The only other changes from the original plans were the main box pieces which changed from 31" to 28"

1 comment:

  1. You are absolutely, completely amazing. You know that, right??! The kids put a few things in right away, with Ming Wai "organizing." After dinner, hubby finished the job. We moved every last game, flashcard and puzzle into that thing, and STILL have tons of room left over. Best of all? My mother in law will actually be able to get INTO her bed on Thursday. (We haven't been able to pull the covers back since last Summer. :-p)

    Thank you!!!!! (Oh, and poor SJ learned a lesson about listening to directions. He shoved that middle door shut with all his might, and then pushed it in with his foot for good measure. I decided not to open it back up until this morning, thus locking away everything in the middle section. He's been much more careful about following instructions since then. ;-) "Don't shove games to the back, and DON'T shove the doors shut as far as they will go!" My floor there isn't completely flat, I think, and the middle door catches the brunt of it. I might try to soap the edges...slip them up a bit.)


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