June 17, 2011

Final Day of School

As I mentioned in previous posts, these last few weeks have been filled with so many fun activities highliting the boy's accomplishments over the last year. 

On their final day of school they had an all school assembly.  The room was packed, with standing room only.  The fifth graders were at the back room facing front (sitting on chairs, cause they are special), then were the 4th graders, followed by each grade in front of them, with the kindergartners at the front of the room.  

Each grade did a special musical number ranging from singing, to line dancing, to a tagolic drum number, and they were all really good!!

The principal gave a wonderful address to the kids, and then special tributes were made to teachers retiring or leaving.

Then each grade from 4th grade on, stood up and was formally graduated to the next class.  It was so fun to watch them cheer each other on. 

Finally they made a path in the middle of the room, and the teachers came together.  All the 5th graders walked through and graduated on to middle school, while all the other students sang to them.  It ended with applause.

We have had an amazing experience at this school, and feel so blessed for the opportunity to be here.  They've had some great teachers which have made a great impact on my boys.  What a terrific school year we had!!

**Below is a video of the 5th graders, if you want to fast forward to see Daniel, he is right after the 2 minute mark.  He's officially in middle school now!!

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