June 6, 2011

Hawaii - Hotel, Snorkeling and Luau

We arrived home from Hawaii almost two weeks ago, and it already seems like a distant memory.

We had an amazing time.  The hotel was beautiful, and exploring the island was so much fun, and it was amazing to see how the different parts of the island were so diverse.

I wanted to post some pictures, and promise to have the rest up before the end of the week (just as soon as I finish this mountain of laundry, and a few woodworking projects I started)


These are some pictures (and yes I took these), of the amazing ridicoulously huge hotel that we stayed at, that spanned over 62 acres.  Did I mention that we needed a tram to get from the lobby to our room.  (or walking took about 15 minutes)

It had three large pools complete with water slides, a lagoon that we snorkled in and saw sea turtles, waterfalls, dolphin exhibits, and over a dozen restaurants.  It was really amazing, and maybe even a little too fancy schmancy for us (ok maybe a lot) but it was fun!!

After spending the first few days enjoying the hotel and it's many amenities, we were ready to get out and explore.  We signed up for an all day snorkeling trip with the Fair Wind


We arrived early got our gear, and set sail for the Kealakekua Bay.  We arrived at the underwater state park, and the site of the Captain Cook monument.  It was breathtaking, and so clear.  The visibility was over 90 feet.  After spending an hour or so in the water we feasted on a barbecue, and then spent the last few hours getting in all the snorkeling we could.  We also took a few rides on the slide fixed to the back of the boat, as well as the high dive.  It was an amazing adventure.


Later that evening, we attended the Luau at the hotel. We watched as they pulled the roasted pig from the ground, and then we filled up on the succulent eats offered.  Dave and I also enjoyed a few virgin pina coladas, and strawberry daiquiris, we're such goofs.  The entertainment was fun, and we loved anything with fire the best.


  1. eeek!!! love this! you look beautiful! glad you got to get away with your hubby. so fun!

  2. You guys are so stinkin cute!!! And you look HOT! Your picture taking skills are also amazing! Is there anything you can't do? I'm so glad you guys got to have such an amazing time! You deserved it! Now, when will we play?

  3. You two are just TOO cute. So glad you had so much fun!!


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