July 20, 2011

Chocolate Factory

Tuesday morning we joined some friends for a tour of our local Chocolate Factory at Boehm's Candy.

We donned fancy baker hats, and learned how chocolate goes from tree to tasty treats.  We then listened to how chocolate is melted, mixed, and tempered, and watched as oreos were enrobed in milk chocolate.  We saw chocolates hand rolled and dipped to create the amazing Edelweiss chocolates, and then viewed all the molded chocolates (the microsoft mouse was the kiddos fav). 
We finished with tasty truffle samples, and went on to view the rest of the area where the owner/creator lived and created a chapel, fountains, and refuge...amazing.

Of course we made one last visit to the store to take home some yummy treats to share with daddy.



  1. Again...SO MUCH FUN! Add that to the list too! Yummy...

  2. what? a chocolate factory? yeah, i would have gone there too. :)


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