October 12, 2011

Girls Weekend

My best friend Trish flew in last weekend, so we could continue in our annual girls weekend getaway, so I bring you..

Tash 'n Trish's Excellent Adventure #3

After picking up Trish from the airport with little miss, we made our way back to my new neighborhood, and stopped to have a screw taken out of my tire (and no, it wasn't one of mine).  We had lunch, and visited Molbaks (think Canterbury Gardens but better) which has all it's beautiful Christmas trees out on display.

We then made our way back to my house to figure out plans for the weekend.  I had been feverishly trying to finish up a few projects (which I'll share tomorrow) and hadn't even made plans for our weekend.  But for two spontaneous girls that isn't really a problem.  Trish threw out the idea of Forks, and doing some Twilight stuff, and had never rode on a ferry.  So we booked a hotel and off we went.  We took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, and stopped in Port Gamble at Mike's 4 Star BBQ.  It was delicious!! A fun, casual spot where everyone was so friendly.  From there we made our way to Sequim to spend the night.

After a free breakfast (the very best kind) we packed our bags and got in the car to continue on our journey.  Our first stop was Forks, where we visited local "twilight" spots, and had so much fun taking pics, and again meeting the nicest people. 

We then journeyed to the shore, and La Push.  We visited First Beach sprinkled with driftwood, and extremely large trees that had washed ashore, and then farther down to Rialto Beach.  The views were amazing, and the sun peeked through the clouds to make it a truly beautful day.

After the coast we ventured east to Port Angeles.  They just happened to be having their Dungeness Crab Festival that weekend, we stumble on the greatest things!!  We enjoyed the "crab feast", and it was delish.  With full tummies we wandered around Port Angeles.  As the sun was setting on another fun day we boarded the ferry and made our way back to my house for a good nights sleep.

The next day we decided to be really adventurous and head into Seattle for the first annual Geek Girl Con.  We barely got in as they were completely sold out.  We attended a bunch of different panels, met some fun people, and concluded with a sing along of the movie Labyrinth in the EMP Auditiorium. It was classic!! 

Afterwards we filled our tummies at the Old Spaghetti Factory, and even got to sit in the train car.  What a fun day!!

Our last day together was short and sweet, as Trish was catching her plane out that afternoon.  We had a delicious ginormous breakfast at the Maltby Cafe, just around the corner from me.  Then it was time for the airport and to say goodbye to my Trish.  I love our friendship so much, that we can pick up at anytime, and it's exactly how we left it.  What a fun weekend with the bestest friend ever!!

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