September 23, 2011

spills, fresh produce, and inside projects..

What a crazy week it's been (is it ever not crazy?)

Last Friday I got a call from the health office that Caleb had took a spill at school, and had some awesome road rash on his face and hands.
..Monday another call from the health office but this time Josh had fallen on his back and got the wind knocked out of him.
..Later that same day while watching Josh at soccer practice Natalie slid down the slide only to collide with a little girl sitting on the end.  She used her eye to stop her, and within seconds had a big puffy purple and blue eye.
..not twently minutes later another spill and a big goose egg on her forehead..there were very few tears from either incident, such a toughie!!
I'm hoping we've filled our quota for injuries for awhile (thank goodness they were all minor)

On a happier note, my neighbor does group buys, and I was fortunate enough to be added to the list.  We currently have over 50 lbs of pears waiting to be canned next week, fresh peaches, pears, and apples that we are feasting on daily, and farm fresh eggs.


I currently have five unfinished projects, that I'm hoping to wrap up this weekend.

Here's a little sneak peek...


I've also finished a project!! Woo hoo, yay me right!!

In the den/playroom/computer room/toy room the boys were in desperate need of a desk.  I built these for our last house, but this room was set up differently, and little miss is nipping at their heels to have computer space of her own.  So I decided on a long desk built into the wall.  The plans made a few changes along the way as Dave brought up a need to house components (xbox, kinect, and two computer systems).  So this is the final product..(sorry the pictures aren't that great)


I decided to stain it to match the baseboard, and trim.  It's simple and very functional, and yes there is room for little miss (when daddy gets around to building her a computer too) 

The room is super bare, and I'd love to stay around and decorate it, but remember those other five unfinished projects? Well, they are a little higher on the list right now.  I've put the bookcases that I built in to house the toys, and some seating for movie watching or play, so for now, it's functional..

We've got a busy weekend filled with soccer games, and finishing projects..hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. WOW! my project list is like yours but much smaller projects. cant wait to see the outcome. you always amaze me! will you come over and cut the legs off a table for me? i cant get adam to do it and im afraid to learn how to use a saw with 3 little kids around.

  2. dont get too excited tash. im not doing what u did last yr on your blog, im taking stuff i already made and posting it. but i am doing what u did last yr with my kids at home. im working on an advent calendar now


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