September 7, 2011

first day of school


Today was the boys first day of school!!

Daniel was up bright and early on his own (he has his own alarm clock now!!), and was dressed and ready by 6:30am.  We had a short little power outage, but he was able to get his lunch made, and have breakfast with time to spare before he caught the bus a little after 7am.  He is super excited to be starting middle school.  He is getting so grown-up (tear).

Josh & Caleb woke after Daniel had left which gave me time to focus on them.  The power was now out completely, but the sun was shining, and thankfully we get a lot of natural light in this house.  They scurried around getting last minute items in their backpacks, and are also super excited to head off to a new school, new teacher, and new friends to be made.  They caught the bus together and away they went. 

There wasn't a nerve in sight this morning, just excitement for a new school year..I can't wait to hear all about all their "first day" when they come home today!!

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  1. your house sounds so much like mine in details. can't wait to see what you do with it! I am having the hardest time finding wall colors to match the trim. too much work to paint it and it does look nice...


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