September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Miss


I can't believe my baby girl is four years old!! (Even though she has been saying she's four for the last six months) it's finally official. 

She's such a cutie, and were so blessed to have her in our family.  She brightens the room with her happy personality, and has brought out a tenderness in the boys that makes my heart smile.  I love her stubborness and independence, because they remind me of me, and her softness and lovingness because they remind me of her daddy.  Her favorite phrase is an exaggerated "I love it!!" which she says to pretty much anything pink, soft, or strawberry. 

For her birthday we had a simple family party at home, with a rainbow theme.  I made a rainbow six layer cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, rainbow balloons, and we had to have a pinata.  She spent about twenty minutes hitting hit it back and forth (yes, that's just a stick from our backyard) before the boys stepped in, and got the job done.

Happy Birthday Little Miss, we're so happy you're ours!!


  1. WOW! When did she get so big? I LOVE the Rainblw Cake! You are such an awesome Mama!

  2. So cute!!! She is such an adorable little girl and she has changed so much from just the last time I looked at pictures of her. Her cake looks yummo too. Way to go Tasha!

  3. What a cute birthday Tasha! The cake is adorable! I am sure Natalie had such a fun time being the birthday girl! Happy Birthday!


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