September 15, 2011

Outside Projects

After much vacationing and playing it was time to work, specifically to work on the house.  We have lists a mile long both inside and out, and Dave was eager to start tackling the outside ones before we head into fall, and start getting some rain.

His first project..tree stump grinding.
The goal was 15 tree stumps in one long weekend (Saturday & Monday)

He rented "stumpy", and a chainsaw, and got too work.

He cleared eight stumps the first day, and another eight the last day (yes, you read that right) he found another stump towards the end of day two bringing the total count to 16 stumps ground down. 



It was hard, hard work, and he did it all by himself (I was inside painting, and keeping the kiddos out of his hair). 

Now that the stumps are clear, we just need to shovel away the trimmings, clear the ever-growing brush, get top-soil delivered, roto-till, and plant grass biggie..

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