September 5, 2011

summer vacation in cali - week two

After Half Moon Bay we found our way to Lake Tahoe and our campsites.  We were also informed that we were staying in bear country.  All food and pretty much anything that smelled nice to us that might attract a bear had to be stored in a metal container.  I was glad to have Bailey (dog) with us, but every growl in the pitch dark seemed to make me a little nervous. 

The next day we headed to Gordon & Marcia's condo and spent the day swimming with everyone in the nearby pool.  After dinner and movies we headed back to camp for another nights (restful?) sleep.

Tuesday morning we woke early, and went into town to drop off Bailey (spending time with doggie friends) and have breakfast at IHOP.  Afterwards we met up with everyone at the lake, and decided to rent something for even more fun.  We settled on a sixteen seat pontoon boat with a tube.  After some playing on the beach and lunch in our tummies we boarded the boat, and headed out to the west part of the lake where it was calmer, and not so windy.  The kiddos all took turns riding in the tube, and then the grown-ups got it on the fun.  It was such a beautiful sunny day on the lake, and we all had so much fun.





After saying our goodbyes late Tuesday night, we woke at the crack of dawn, threw the kiddos (still in their jammies) in the truck, and begin our crazy long trip to Escondido.  To avoid traffic we took the 395, and we deemed it the hottest, driest, longest highway ever.  Our stops were short (as they usually are) because it was crazy hot, 110 degrees, yikes!! We arrived safely at Dan & Cindy's and were happy to to be out of the truck.

did you miss week one?? here

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  1. So fun! Can't wait to see more!

    And of course, I loved spending so much time with you at the beach. :)


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