September 15, 2011

natalie's first day

My little girl turned four last week, and now this week she started preschool, where has the time gone?


This is our first time being away from each other during the days.  Usually she's my little sidekick while the boys are at school.  But, starting this week she spends three days a week at preschool for a few hours each day, and I get a few hours of mommy time (OK so far I have just run errands alone).

Natalie walked into her class, hung up her backpack, and got straight to playing.  She didn't turn around to check to see if I was there, in fact I had to walk up to her and said goodbye. 

I walked to the car with my head held high, and was so proud.  Proud of her independence.  Knowing that the last four years had prepared her for this moment, to let go, and to know that she would shine all on her own.

When we got home after her first day, she said she needed extra cuddle time cause she had been gone for so long, she crawled in my lap and just hugged me forever. (I think I needed it too, and I'm glad she's still little enough to want to cuddle.)

1 comment:

  1. that is so cute! and yeah for mommy time! clover gets super jealous when ady sits on my lap and then i make them jealous by telling one that i am getting kisses from the other and then it's a huge lovefest of kisses and hugs. it's great!


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