October 20, 2010

Computer Tables

After finishing the benches for the table, I was on to my next project.

I had hoped it would be a desk and hutch for the boys, but their was a great demand to get the boys computers out of boxes and set-up. More like three busy boys asking me at least ten times a day when I was going to build their computer tables.

I was determined not to pull out the long utility tables, and rather build something more custom to fit the area.  I chose to do and L shaped desk, but wanting to them to be multi-purpose I made two tables, that fit together to make an L shape.  I used pocket holes, so there were no screw holes to fill, and giving it a cleaner look.

These babies cost me less than thirty dollars, and we're put together and stained in one afternoon/evening.

I must mention that I'm married to a computer geek who has so many spare parts around that it was just a given to build a computer for each boy.  We also wanted them to be out in the open and visible, so we can always see what they're up to.

I give you my computer tables..



  1. oh...my....gosh!
    that would make jake and ty fall over with envy! that is soooooo lucky!
    great job with the table(I am falling over with envy of your new(ish) furniture making spree...the saw! jealous!) you are so fun and creative and tough!
    i really want to see a picture of all the boys sitting there with thier computers on....i bet that is the quietest time of the day for you? besides school :)
    ps. ALSO super jealous of the bus coming right outside your drive! awesome!
    we had a thunder/lightning storm yesterday and J and T were too scared to walk to class alone, so i had to drag ella in the POURING rain. Everyone was seriously PANICING about the lightning and telling me to put my giant umberella away. i guess lightning struck two spots at the school. ha ha dramatic,huh? xoxo

  2. WOW! You are amazing....BTW-what type of internet security do you guys use for the kids' computers?

  3. GIRL! Gorgeous. I.....am in awe of your skill!


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