October 5, 2010

3- Crepes 4 - Foam Fun

3 - Crepes, delicious.  Spread with nutella, bananas and whip cream, one of my big favorites.  We decorated them like pumpkins, and did scary faces, before rolling up their goodness so we could enjoy them.  We tried apples and caramel, strawberries and whip cream, and some just did syrup and whip cream.  Either way delicious, easy and fun!!

4 -  As I opened up the Halloween Decorations (all 4 bins) this year, I became super impressed with myself.  Last year I purchased a slew of Halloween Crafts for 90% off, I did this sometime around the first of December as I recall, and I remember climbing through the garage to locate the Halloween boxes, only to find there was no room.  I had to create an additional box, just to fit all my new treasures.  The best part, I completely forgot about them, and what a huge surprise to me and the kiddos when we found them.

So we opened a few, and created scary pumpkins, and cute ghosts with foam shaped objects, googly eyes, and glitter glue (all included) 

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