October 7, 2010

5 - Haunted House

5 - Natalie pulled out one of the Halloween clearance crafts which happened to be a gigantic haunted house.  Dave called just as she did to tell me he was on his way home, and I told him about the gigantic pile of foam shapes on the table ready to be assembled. 

First off, he is not a fan of those foam stickers. Have you ever tried to remove one from the wood floor, or refrigerator, or toolbox?? So not fun.  They don't come off!! So when I mentioned the word foam craft, I think he got a little anxious, just thinking about where they would all end up, in fact we talked about his entire trip home.  Yes, we talk every day as he drives home from work, kind of our time before the kids pounce on him as he walks in the door, and I have to share him again. 

And as he walked in the door, he was met with a challenge, one he could walk away from and let me deal with, or he could conquer on his own.  He sat down on the bench, scooted up to table, and looked at Natalie, who was already beaming at his very presence.  "Let's build a scary house Natalie"  He was pleasantly suprised to find it was more of a 3D puzzle that needed to be assembled, with a only some decorative "foam" stickers.  Soon he was joined by Caleb, and then the other boys came up to see if Daddy was home.  I made dinner as I watched all the kids offer advice on where this piece might go, and "oh, daddy here's that piece".  When they were finished they all had smiles on their faces, and were excited to show me the finished result.

Sometimes it's the uncomfortable things that we tackle that we find the most joy from, we surprise ourselves and we please others.

(Photo is currently hiding on an SD card inside of a camera on a plane heading for a work trip, will post later!!)

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  1. Oh, that's fabulous!!

    And Lo Gung calls me every night as he leaves work as well. We don't chat the whole time...he just says he's on his way, and then he calls his Mama like a good boy. After we get the kids to bed at 8, he's mine until 10. It's a fair trade!


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