October 2, 2010

Salmon Days & Fun with Friends

Today started Salmon Days in our nearby city.  Yes, salmon are a pretty big deal around here.  The parade started at 10, and we got our booties out of bed, breakfast eaten, everyone dressed and there before it all started, and on a Saturday no less.

The parade was great, tons of floats, lots of queens and pricesseses from nearby cities, and their own strawberry/daffodil/apple days (which we are sure to visit in the spring), amazing, amazing marching bands from both middle school and high school, the corvette club, dogs on parade, and many many more.

Afterwards we visited some of the over 150 vendors that were there, the Hatchery, where we fed some rainbow trout (that were secretly hoping to catch next spring while fishing) and watched salmon (which were over 2' long) as they tried to swim upstream (really quite an amazing feet).  We enjoyed food, and lots of people watching, and left with only one souvenir (Caleb spent his money on a wooden rifle, which we are going to stain and finish together)

We came home and got busy to work on other projects (while watching conference, of course).  Dave is finishing up building the boys computers, while I build an L shaped desk for him to put them on (both still not finished)

Then we got out of work clothes and drove down the street to visit with new friends.  We met them the first day of school at the bus stop, and they invited us to dinner by bringing by a peaches and cream pie last Sunday (an excellent invite, if I must say so!)

The kiddos had a great time being silly and playing together, and Dave and I enjoyed great conversation with some really wonderful people. (even if they are both smarter than us, they're both lawyers) We look forward to having them over soon, and doing more family activities together.

I must say I'm really loving this place..the small town atmosphere (that really isn't that small) the beautiful surroundings (I love trees) and the wonderful people that we continue to meet, that bless and enrich our lives.

***Check out what we did for day 2 below...

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