September 28, 2010

Table & Benches


She's Finished!! I only say she because she was quilt difficult.  She required many many coats of paint, followed by much sanding, mostly because every time I brought her out to finish her it would start to drizzle, or rain, and that was when we were living in California, in the summer!!

I bought the table from a friend two years ago, and it was stained a pretty honey color.  I loved the rustic feel, and the sheer size amazed me (it's actually missing a leaf in the above pic).  But some wood beetles had left their mark, and lots of kids crafts had shown their love.  I decided to paint her a pretty white, and sand it to be more of a farmhouse table. I only had a few chairs, so I decided to build benches.  I found the instructions here, and I love how they add to the rustic appeal.  I still need to add another coat of paint, and some sanding to the chairs which will go on either end, but I'm so pleased with the results. 



1 comment:

  1. oh that bench!!! i love it. it turned out so so good. as did your table.

    just get braces. it kind of sucks to eat but it will be worth it. i keep reminding myself that! hehe.


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