September 27, 2010

Granparents Visit and the Fair

We've been busy visiting with the in-laws (aka Gordon & Marcia) this last week. They flew in last Saturday, and got quickly to work.  We accomplished so much!!  Lots of boxes unpacked, racks assembled, things moved around, and an almost empty and completely usable garage.

Wednesday afternoon, we took a break from all the busyness and headed to the Puyallup (pew-allup) Fair.  I was expecting a small county fair, but this was huge!! It far surpassed the Del M@r Fair in size (or SD County F@ir to be correct), there were so many people, and so many many rides.  We visited the exhibition booths, ate yummy food, ate too many nummy desserts, and Natalie was able to snap a pic with one of her favorite guys..Diego, from Nickel0deon Show, Go Diego Go. 

It was so fun to have Grandpa & Grandpa walk the kiddos out to the bus stop, and talk about their days at school.  We had a great visit with them, and are so so grateful for all their help.

grandpa & caleb walking to the fair entrance

josh checking out the award winning 500lb pumpkin

caleb practicing his milking skills

the whole fam

natalie and diego (she was so excited!!)


  1. I love the family picture! Dave, you, and Josh look like you're enjoying yourselves:)Now, Daniel, Caleb, and Natalie-not so much. Classic!

  2. I LOVE IT! The fam pic is my favorite! Miss you!

  3. that pic of natalie with diego is so stinkin cute!


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