September 4, 2010

First Day of School

Tuesday morning was the first day of school for Daniel & Josh.  They were up bright and early, dressed and ready to go hours ahead of time (it could be that they were used to leaving the house at 7:30am, and now the bus picks up at 8:35am)

Daniel, my big 5th grader

Joshua, my adorable 2nd grader

They had a great first day of school, and a bunch of firsts for both of them..
- first time riding the bus to and from school (that wasn't for a fieldtrip)
- first time having an all indoor school (the gym is inside and has a climbing rock wall, very cool)
- first time having a classroom upstairs (guess, that's part of the indoor school thing)
- first time not knowing anyone in their classes (but they've already made some friends!)

Caleb's first official day of Kindergarten was on Thursday.  They have a smaller bus, that picks up the kindergarteners, but he comes home on the big bus with his brothers.

Caleb, my cute kindergartener.

Did I mention that the bus stop is right across from our house.  I guess in the past it has been down a few streets, but since I was adding three boys to the count they moved up to our street, and I can look out my front window, and see when the bus comes.

As we waiting for the kindergarten bus to come (oh, he has afternoon kindergarten) he met a friend, and his little sister that is Natalie's age.  They were both so cute, and decided to be buddies for the day.


Caleb getting on the bus!!

The bus driving away with my little guy..(this is our street, isn't it beautiful?)

After the bus left, I drove to the school to see them get off the bus, and meet the teacher for the first time.  Caleb took one look at me, and was so annoyed that I was there.  Kind of like "I already said goodbye, why are you back?" I have to say it was kind of comforting.  Out of all my boys I was most worried about him, but he did great, and was so so ready for this.

IMG_3275 IMG_3277

School has started, let the fun begin!!

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