September 10, 2010

My Baby Girl is 3!!

For Natalie's birthday (which just happened to be Labor Day as well) we enoyed a wonderful hike with the family, followed by a nummy lunch at Red Robin (the kid's choice).  Natalie was most delighted when they brought out the sundae, and not one but two balloons in her favorite colors, pink and purple.

bday lunch collage

After lunch we mosied our way back home after making a few birthday pit stops (ice cream cake, favors) and played at home with one of Natalie's new toys, her scooter (which is really really pink), and yes she's riding it in the house :)

bday scooter collage

Then came ice cream cake for dessert, do you like how we had to change into our pretty fairy costume for cake?!

bday cake


  1. Oh my, Natalie is so adorable! One cute little thing! I can't believe she is already 3! Didn't you just have her? That sounds like a fun day for your little lady!

  2. FYI...I always wear my pink fairy costume to eat my birthday cake! I'm glad she had a good birthday, she's grown so much over the last year.

  3. i love her! such a girl! great pictures!


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